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An SDK that could change the way you see governance.

Not only is our protocol permissionless, meaning anyone can create a Prediction Market on any topic in the world, but we are also building a state of the art SDK (Software Development Kit).

With this SDK, our aim is to provide companies the opportunity to either introduce futarchy into their organisations, or white label our protocol for their own prediction market utility. There will be economic incentives for SDK builders, and we invite companies or projects looking at this option to get in touch with us to discuss what your options are.

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  • Built on
    Zeitgeist is built using the Substrate blockchain framework, the same infrastructure used to build the Polkadot and Kusama networks.
  • Permissionless
    Decentralization is a core value to us. No single entity controls our network, and its distributed governance mechanisms ensure it stays that way.
  • Scalable SDK
    Our protocol is designed and optimized to be used as an SDK for anyone looking to implement their own prediction market technology.
  • The Quest
    For Truth
    We’re building Zeitgeist because we believe in the progress of civilization… with truth being a core ally of this progress. Prediction markets aid our quest for truth by reliably providing accurate forecast data.

  • Always Liquid
    We have dedicated to building a prediction markets platform that is always liquid, meaning that no matter what market gets created, there will be enough volume for traders to engage.
  • Futarchy
    We are the first parachain project in the Substrate ecosystem to introduce the Futarchy form of governance. We believe we may even be the first blockchain project to introduce Futarchy.
  • SDK
    As mentioned above, our Software Development Kit means that any project or company can introduce prediction markets or futarchy into their own ecosystem.
  • Sports and eSports
    Competitive gaming (real world or digital) is one of the most utilized applications for Prediction Markets. Fans love to trade positions in real time as part of the excitement of live sport.
  • Politics
    Prediction markets for politics are a fantastic mechanism for aggregating information about political races. They also allow users to hedge against possible outcomes.
  • Cryptocurrency
    The prices of cryptocurrency are notoriously volatile. Zeitgeist allows traders to predict upcoming price and market milestones.
  • Insurance
    Markets for various events can act as decentralized insurance by hedging outcomes.
  • Startups
    It's difficult to predict whether a particular startup may succeed. Prediction markets can help by allowing traders to take positions on the success or failure of these new companies.
  • Futarchy
    Essentially, organizations can run their entire decision-making process based on the data provided by prediction markets.
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